Triangulation Challenge

The Great Triangle Adventure

What a word!! Triangulation, meaning triangles, right?? I wasn’t very excited when this was announced. I could feel my eyebrows curl in question?? What the heck do I do with a triangle? Humph!!!

I had pen and paper ready for the big announcement on this week’s challenge theme (Project Quilting Season 9 Challenge 2). I looked down at the notepad for guidance, but found it still blank and awaiting ideas. Ok, what’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Continue reading “Triangulation Challenge”

First Challenge Complete

It’s been about 8 months since I’ve sewn anything more than a button on a curtain. It’s like an addiction I wasn’t able to satisfy. The New Year has brought me a new schedule and it looks like I will have hobby time!!

I hadn’t really started looking into sewing projects yet as I need a new hand bag and a new wristlet. Thankfully, a Project Quilting post showed on my feed. I was so tickled to see it…and it was going to line up with ‘free time’. Continue reading “First Challenge Complete”

Scrapbook Table Runner

How are you today? Found any good challenges lately? Project Quilting is a pretty awesome challenge by Persimon Dreams. I have watched for a little while to see how things work and think I’m ready to join in. Persimon Dreams posts the random theme and everyone creates from that inspiration.

This week’s word is ‘vacation’. I started drawing…pretty soon I had a plan. I decided to make a table runner commemorating our vacations and special family days. Continue reading “Scrapbook Table Runner”

Sew Snow Day

Great mornin’ to ya!!! How was your ‘sweet ‘ weekend? My hubby and I went out on Saturday night for a little while and visited with friends, listened to good music, and had a great dinner. Sunday we hung out and watched the storm come in over the valley and drop snow all over the ridge. We woke Monday to a beautiful 5” blanket of the powdery stuff. Continue reading “Sew Snow Day”

Focus and Organize

This year I am very focused on organization, trying new techniques, becoming more self-sufficient, and enjoying each day to the fullest. I usually break New Year’s resolutions so for New Year ’16 I opted NOT to make any. It is now February and there is a beautiful blanket of snow on the ground. To me, this feels like a fresh new day; a new beginning. Today is the day I set my mind to it and accomplish the things on my “one day” list.

Here to Play

Like I said, I needed a place to play and share. I’m new to sewing and quilting, but I quickly learned a few things to get me started and it turned into a passion.  I’m still new and learning, but I feel very drawn to sharing in the crafts and making new friends.

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